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New technologies.<br>New realities

New technologies.
New realities

Ploughshare offers your organisation the opportunity to license or invest in world-class technology, intellectual property (‘IP’) and scientific knowledge. 

Our technology transfer skills free you to harness innovation.

Learn More About Us

Learn More About Us

Discover how our technology transfer expertise, experience and connections support your goals. Learn more

Find Unique Technologies

Find Unique Technologies

Access a wide range of exciting technologies originally developed for defence and security purposes. Learn more

License or Invest

License or Invest

Harness world-class technology with our flexible licensing or investment options. Learn more

Commercial and wider economic and social benefits

License or invest in unique technology to:

  • Lower development risks
  • Reduce R&D costs
  • Enable faster time to market
  • Create growth
  • Benefit humanity

Latest news & Views

Brain scans can act as unique identifier, research claims

Scientists have discovered ways in which your brain scans can be used to identify people, similar to what people currently do with fingerprints and retina scans.

Behavioural biometrics and two-factor authentication on the increase

According to research carried out by mobile identity company TeleSign, less than one in 10 companies rely solely on passwords when it comes to identity authentication. The research goes on to suggest that by 2025 we will be completely rid of passwords as a form of security.