About Us

Dstl technology and related Intellectual Property (IP) has been developed to meet specific needs which the MoD requires to keep at the forefront of technology. However, the suitability of that technology to meet a complementary or different market need is enhanced by Ploughshare’s collaboration with Dstl and industry.

By licensing that technology from Ploughshare, you benefit from a £350+ million R&D budget, and the capabilities of 2500+ scientists, working on advanced technology. The technology is also extremely well protected through extensive patenting.

Ploughshare’s role is to predict and respond rapidly to the fast moving environments in which our clients operate. Creative, dynamic thinking ensures the flexibility and effectiveness of our service.

Through our expertise, we enable you to have confidence in the licensing of commercially valuable IP from Dstl and other sources, for industrial applications.

The naming of Ploughshare Innovations* reflects long standing ideologies related to converting ‘swords into ploughshares’ and converting items developed for military purposes in to civilian applications.