Industry Scientists/ R&D

Dstl’s remit from the MoD is to keep it at the forefront of Science and Technology. As a result, the scientific integrity of the work conducted at Dstl is at the highest level - the extent of review and rigour supporting the research ensures that the calibre of output is globally renowned.

In licensing the IP from these technologies, you can complement and greatly enhance the capabilities for your own work, department and organisation. Some of the most exciting and influential developments in industry and technology can trace their origins to work conducted at Dstl and its predecessors.

Fitting Technology for Industry

Have a look at just some of the incredible output from this process: it’s almost a chronicle of the key scientific and technological developments of the last 100 years.

The Intellectual Property available to license constantly changes, but links to the current key areas are shown on the right.

Not all of our available IP is listed online, so please contact us to discuss any specific requirements you have.