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License or invest in our technologies

License or invest in our technologies

License or invest in our technologies

We enable organisations to successfully harness world-class technology for commercial advantage and wider benefit. Flexible licensing and investment options help make this IP readily accessible to your business.

License and Invest


By licensing technology through Ploughshare, you gain far more than robust IP rights. We provide expert collaborative support and industry contacts, ensuring the suitability of the technology to meet your specific market needs and requirements.

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You can invest in innovative technology through Ploughshare, either via a spin-out company, or through Downing LLP, our chosen investment management partner.

Spin-out company

Partnering with us to establish a ‘spin-out’ company centred on a new technology, can be a highly effective route to market. In addition to our role as a shareholder, we use our industry influence and contacts proactively to facilitate collaboration and support for product development.

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Downing LLP

Downing LLP are our chosen investment management specialists, offering you a further route for taking forward and commercialising innovative technology originated at Dstl. Downing invest up to £5 million a year with Ploughshare to develop technology commercially and deliver wider benefit.


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