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Bio-mechanical Antenna

A short-range directional antenna that is mounted onto the user’s skin that overcomes the body’s negative impact on antenna performance.

Body-mounted communications systems are often limited by the effects the human body has on antenna performance. This new approach mitigates these negative effects by exploiting physiological properties in a novel configuration that places the antenna in close proximity to the skin.

A new approach, developed and demonstrated by scientists at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), uses the body as part of the antenna design to make low profile body-mounted antennas a reality. This antenna bridges the gap between the range that is achieved by Bluetooth and traditional radio or 3G/4G solutions.


  • Low profile — the wearer’s body is used to provide a cavity filler and backplate for the antenna, affording the mounted antenna element to be extremely thin.
  • Comfort — the design’s small size and weight make it unobtrusive to wear and provides greater freedom of movement.
  • Range — distances of up to 1 km can be achieved without the need for additional communications infrastructure.


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