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Case Study: Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT)

Ploughshare licensed CDCAT® to APMG which has provided a key component to their cyber security offering and has opened up new international markets.

Ploughshare Innovations has licensed technology innovations to many UK companies across a wide range of industries. CDCAT® is an example of an advanced cyber software tool which was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and licensed to a leading UK-based supplier of cyber security products and services, APMG.

  • CDCAT® was developed by Dstl, the Ministry of Defence’s research laboratory, to provide a scientific approach to identifying cyber risks arising from inadequate defences.
  • It gives organisations a comprehensive means to assess their existing cyber defences, identify vulnerabilities and develop a road-map for improvements.
  • Licensed to APMG for exploitation through their own cyber security services, as well as third party licensing, training, accreditation and certification.
  • Finalist in the Innovative Product of the Year category at the Cyber Security Awards 2016.
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