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Stand-off Breaching Grenade

A 40mm grenade designed for stand-off breaching which improves both tactical and logistic operations.

Current 40mm breaching grenades are energetically inefficient, limit operational effectiveness, and present a higher risk than necessary to people in the vicinity of the target. A new design by the UK Government overcomes these limitations and also improves both safety and logistics.

Developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), this new design is the result of several years of research to overcome the deficiencies of current breaching grenades. The result is a reduction in target fragmentation, reduced omnidirectional overpressure and increased operational effectiveness.


  • Increased Tactical Advantage — improved directional control of the overpressure lowers the risk to the breaching team and reduces their stand-off distance.
  • Reduced Collateral Damage — the design significantly reduces the risk of fragmentation and behind target effects.
  • Increased Breaching Capability — the overpressure generated is sufficient to deform a variety of door materials including multi-lock steel doors.
  • Safer / Easier Logistics — reduced Net Explosive Quantity(NEQ) gives inherent safety benefits and allows for easier shipping / storage


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