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Drones present an increasing threat and in response numerous countermeasures have become available. However, most counter-drone devices require accurate targeting to be effective which can be a challenge to achieve in a rapidly developing situation. This new device developed by Dstl is easier to deploy and is ideally suited to the swarm threat.

This device is particularly effective when deployed in numbers. While a single device will disable a drone, placing several in the air simultaneously creates a screen. This screen creates a wide area of protection and results in a greater probability of success against the drone(s).



Increased Defeat Probability — the spatial and temporal accuracy of deployment is less critical than alternative methods.

.Swarm Protection — by deploying multiple devices to cover a wide area, it is ideally suited to defeat multiple drones simultaneously.
.Drone Agnostic — the device is nonelectronic and therefore does not require knowledge of the targeted drones’ specifications (e.g. operating waveband).
.Easy to Deploy — can be launched from the ground (fired into the air) or air (dropped).
.Low Cost — the consumable element of the device has a very low materials cost.


  • Military theatres and high-profile summits
  • Event security for public and corporate events
  • Critical national infrastructure, borders, checkpoints, prisons, and airfields


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