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The analysis of complex DNA mixtures containing three or more DNA profiles is a challenge in forensic DNA analysis. 

Asunder is a proprietary method for interrogating mixtures of nucleic acids, it can identify the number of contributors in a mixture and their DNA profile, without any knowledge of the contributors or the contributors’ genotypes. Results have shown significant gains over existing methods of analysis.


.Separates complex DNA mixtures
.Provides the probability that certain profiles created the mixture without any knowledge of the contributors
.Removes any potential bias of known suspect or victim genotypes
.If a potential contributor’s genotype is known, comparison can provide supporting evidence that it is the most likely


  • Law enforcement / Security services
  • Crime Forensics
  • Homeland security
  • Defence and intelligence


Project number


Patent status

GB Application (GB 1511445.7)



Available to license



Security Life Science

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